Water treatment  Facility  Orlando, Fl

Concrete Curb 

Social Security building, Lakeland ,Fl

 Hotel remodel

Usa Inn Tampa Fl

Specializing in all types of construction.

Licensed & Insured

Over 20 years experience in commercial / residential construction.

Concrete curbing, post tension slabs, conventional slabs, block, brick, stone.

Driveways , patios etc;

No Job too small , No job too large.


Specialty Jobs (Lube centers,  Auto shops) 

Wal-mart lube center Altamont Springs ,Fl

New construction (Layout through Lintel) 

Garshalli residence, Thontosassa , Fl

Concrete Parking lots , curb and slab poured together for a stronger bond.

Salem's Gyros and Subs St Petersburg, Fl.  

Janie poe nieghborhood Sarasota , FL 

Janie Poe

Post tension slabs 

Lake Aluqua in Longwood Florida , Not just anyone builds here. 

Lake Alaqua is a time restricted building community,

We put the slab in 13,000 sq ft, and the 9000 block in a week and a half.

And yes , its done professionally! 

We get it done in a hurry and we do it properly. 

Custom Homes  (mediterranean style, of course we do stucco as well)

Lake Alaqua Longwood , Florida 

So , what are you waiting for, pick up the phone , now!